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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  September 20, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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>> good morning to you. welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. >> i'm ben wagner. it is 5:00, september 20th. right now on "wisn 12 news this morning", new details coming in overnight about the east coast bombing suspect. what we are learning about his past and why the police new his family. >> an airliner makes an emergency landing overnight and the problem repo. >> first, some fog possible as you head out the door today. matt is coming up in a moment. first we are going to sally severson. >> we have developing the fog in the inland counties and we have a dense fog advisory until 9:00. walworth, jefferson and dodge
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now, this is not an updated map. sheboygan 8/10s of a mile. fair at the airport. we are on the way to highs into the low 80s. cooler along the lake. we are getting in on the sunshine. matt? >> sally, things are looking good out there. the pavement is dried off from the rains last night. no bigro leaving soon. travel times are a breeze out there. no crashes being reported on the system. back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> all lanes of northbound highway 45 in wauwatosa are re-opened at a serious crash. it happened around 10:30.
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we are working to learn if there were injuries. >> the big story this morning, the new york, new jersey suspect is being held on bail. >> they are looking into why he alleged planted the explosives over the weekend. >> federal charges in the bombing have not been filed yet, but facing counts of attempted murder following the capture. this being held on bail. >> first to apprehend the suspect in just a little over 24 hours after the event takes place like this, this is outstanding police work. >> president obama praised the law enforcement after a local bar owner tipped him off when spotting rahami sleeping in the
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the hoody. >> they are not looking for additional suspects. >> law enforcement look t a the surveillance videos. >> we are determining all we can about this individual, whether or not finds his connection to these actions. he was not on a watch. in washington, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you. 29 people were injured in the bombing in new york city on saturday night and they have been released from the hospital. >> now the bombing suspect's family in the headlines before. >> tim, a lawsuit not long ago. >> yes, five years ago the relatives sued the city of
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restaurant couldn't stay open later than 10:00 at night. the family claims they were singled out because of being muslim. the police officers were just enforcing the ordinance. the suit involved the father and brothers. they own a fried chicken restaurant where the suspect worked and they have searched the business as part of the >> tim, thank you. >> abc news has a team of reporters working on the story. look for more on "good morning america." >> 5:04. the new bucks arena dominated the headlines in the recent years, but there are big changes in the works for the milwaukee admirals. they are getting a new home. and there's a milestone later today for the fans, the
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regular season going on sale today at 9:00 this morning. the renovations costing more than $6 million. the team tweeting out and showing the progress as the renovation heads to the final weeks. they are kicking off playing iowa wild saturday october 29th. >> we expect to learn more about the biggest contract in the bucks today. the team officials finalize a hundred million dollars contract extension. the 7-footer is one of the promising young players in the nba. >> the brewers are doing something extra special for the final home game. this saturday all the proceeds
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here is how that works, go online and select the charity you want to help and donate ten bucks and you get a ticket to sunday's game. the organization with the most tickets sold gets an extra $50,000. >> as far as we are aware this is the first time a major league baseball team has donated all of the proseateds to charity and we are participate in this. >> each charity gets at least $20,000 from the brewers. first pitch is 1:10 on sunday against the reds. the question is will the rhoop be open or closed for that. >> the last chance to get in a baseball game. either way, sal. >> i am guessing open. i would say for now.
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the weekend models are all over the place. we have to wait and see. it is just tuesday morning and we are dealing with the fog. the early morning temperatures 55 waukesha. 62 airport. racine 64. dense fog advisory include southern wisconsin including four of our counties, walworth and jefferson and dodge and fond du lac counties. here is a look at visibility. here zero in some of the areas. ten miles at the airport and south into racine and kenosha. allow extra time in the patchy fog today. low 80s inland. the big question is are you buzzing this morning? >> i think we are good this morning. if you are headed out, keep the low beams on in the fog.
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looking good. volume is relatively light. the pavement dried off. the travel times in good shape as well. 13 minutes up from the zoo. no crashes on the system. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you very much. a security scare at an airport in the philippines. a jet accidentally stress call for landing in na ta manila. >> a southwest airlines flight makes an emergency lantding in los angeles. the passengers had the camera phones rolling moments after something wents wrong after takeoff. tim? >> there were tense moments for 150 people on board that
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angeles in route to nashville when the pilots were told that one of the tires had failed during takeoff. the crew turned the plane around and made a safe landing. the boeing 737 is out of service this morning as the mechanics inspect it and making the repairs. the passengers were put on other flights and made it to nashville over night. >> a man vegas for whoever opened fire at the airport. it happened in a parking garage. a man and woman were taken to the hospital after being shot. the shooting was not random and most likely domestic violence related. the airport is back up and running this morning. >> a wisconsin park is shutdown because of a deadly plane crash.
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went down in door county. ralph keller was a volunteer pilot that was working with the girl taking flight lessons. >> headaches this morning for the drivers across parts of the south. >> gas stations are running out of fuel because of a pipeline spill, why that is not to only problem. >> the presidential election l but some people are casting their ballots. a wisconsin city is one of the first to vote in the country.
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>> we are nearing the time of 5:14, tuesday morning. visibility is good in the metro of milwaukee, but we have a dense fog advisory for the inland counties. visibilities are less than a half mile. right now 62 at the airport. the winds are calm for now. we have the pea soup this morning and then becoming mid to up upper 70s along the lake. here is matt. >> keep the low beams on with the fog. right now we are moving well on the freeway system. we jump up to 794 and second street. the pavement is dry at this point. travel times are rolling
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that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. . >> thank you, matt. >> running on empty, millions of people are dealing with a gas shortage this morning. tim has the update on what is drivers are dealing with. >> when you go to the gas station you expect to fill up the tank, that is not the case in parts of the southeast. there is a gas shortage right now because of a leak in an alabama pipeline. so of the gas stations in georgia started to fuel. the fuel is being threated in alabama, georgia and north carolina. since gas is in short supply, the prices are going up every day. this is the latest piece of bad news for the driversers this morning. >> north korea may be getting ready for another rocket launch.
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north korea oversaw a ground test of a rocket energy and indicating that the north is going to do another prohibited rocket launch. they are developing nuclear missiles. >> world leaders are gathers at the united nations. 135 heads of state and government in new york to talk about the tensions, fighting in the middle change. >> right now, demand suspected of planting bombs in new york and new jersey are being held on bail. ahmad rahami is being held on bail. terrorism is becoming a big issue in the race for the white house. the presidential candidates are talking about it. republican nominee donald trump told the supporters that
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hillary clinton gets elected. >> she's a weak and ineffective person, just remember that. hillary clinton and they are looking, oh, they want her so badly. they want her so badly. >> let's not get diverted and distracted by the kind of campaign rhetoric from the other side. this is a serious challenge. we are well equipped to meet it. >> clinton is headed orlando this week and donald trump is in north carolina. >> election day is november 8th, but some people are casting their ballots. early in person voting is underway in some of the areas. early voting in milwaukee and madison on monday. >> if you are headed downtown, you will notice a splash of
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morning in honor of the race for the cure. the race is happening on sunday along the lake front. this is a live look right now. that is so neat. the photographer is out there capturing that for us this morning. registration is open. it is a great cause indeed. >> i see the pink ribbons going up on the trees along the like too. >> the weekend forecast is uncertain, but for nw morning and afternoon should be dry. that is good for the race and walk. dealing with patchy fog. i talked to matt, chopper 12 is grounded. timerman with a half mile visibility. milwaukee county with the fog as well. we are gathering the temperatures.
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visibility. dells a half mile. be aware of the changeable conditions this morning. we have some of the counties covered by a dense fog advisory, fond, dodge and jefferson and south into walworth county. the fog is going to improve quickly and high pressure is building and speping the sunshine. this morning pea soup and clearing out nicely. low 80s. a little cooler along th at the bus stop. 62 over 60. relative humidity well into the 90% area. with the calm winds, you can get a fog going quickly. the early temperatures 50s and 60s. on the way to the highs in the low 80s. cooler along the like. inland is where we are looking at the fog. becoming sunny and low 80s. 70s lake side.
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model is pivoting that through southern wisconsin, i'm not sure that is going to happen. a better chance of rain later in the day tomorrow. for this morning patchy fog. pea soup this morning, especially inland. everybody gets in on a stellar day. upper 70s along the lake. near 80 tomorrow. periods of i keep friday, saturday and a which you know abouting of sunday dry for now and the temperatures in the 70s. >> grab the umbrella. just keep it in the car. 5:20. >> ranking the country's best places to live. >> wisconsin community is getting national attention, why a magazine says the city is a great place to raise a family. >> a special request that
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save the world's only curious
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>> hello, everybody. good morning. thanks for this great tuesday morning shout out. we are visiting the classes all across southeast wisconsin. if you a visit from us, head to and go to click on the school shout out page and we'll schedule a time to have jeremy nelson stop by and say hello to your class. check out the past school shouts from this year there also. >> one of the country's best places to live is here in wisconsin. >> according to money magazine,
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housing, how crime and family friendly activities. the top four cities are up on the screen. we have the full list at and on the 12 news mobile app. >> uncertain future for the only curious george store. >> it is located in massachusetts. the business owner is saying that the store may have to move because of a development in the area and the starting an online petition in hopes of allowing the shop to stay where it is. it is located because the book's author settled there. i have been there, it is pretty cool. i love it. the boyhood home of harry potter is up for sale. the real world house in england.
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windsor castle and then you can call the prime minister your neighbor. it is listed $620,000. it is cute. helping kids across the country with a push of button. >> how the cell phones are used for a welcoming >> donald trump and skittles and refugees. >> now to traffic watch 12. stay with us, you are watching
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>> just three days after a bombings began in new york and new jersey, investigators have a man in custody. how they tracked him down and the string of crimes he's accused of carrying out. >> today we could get a decision on whether a popular hamburger restaurant will start serving alcohol again and why they stopped in the first place. >> and we're off to a foggy start this morning.
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when you'll need to grab that umbrella. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this tuesday, september 20th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. >> variable is covering the fog this morning. patchy fog to start and everyone is becoming sunny today. upper 70s along the lake, low 80s inland. rain chances for weday thursday. we fall into a fairly active weather pattern and the weekend is a tough call now. fair skies in the metro downtown. the temperatures in the 60s. we have ten mile visibility coming in for milwaukee and racine and kenosha. inland locations are reporting less than a mile visibility and less than a half mile to zero. dense fog is being reported. the advisory is fond du lac,


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